Transmission & General Autoservice is a Canadian Ghanaian Auto service company located at Kwabenya, Accra, Ghana, since 2017. We believe in only servicing automobiles, Computer Diagnostics, Transmission (All Model Vehicles), 4 * 4 & All Drive-train Problems, Front End & Alignment, Tune-Up, Brakes, and General Repairs at a fair price. We believe in the satisfaction of our clients, their safety on and off the road. We’re looking forward to being the best auto shop in Ghana, partnering with automobiles shops across the country. We’d like to invite you to stop by and try one of our auto services for your car or automobile. You can contact us for a free consultation.

Our Services

It is also important to have preventive care, general automotive maintenance, and regularly scheduled maintenance. General maintenance is an important aspect of the well-being and lifetime of a car. It is the basic necessity for the survival of a vehicle. Preventive care and scheduled maintenance are equally as important and are performed for a number of reasons. First, preventive and scheduled maintenance help hold the value of the car. This is necessary if you are planning to resell your vehicle in the future. The less problems your car has, the higher the amount you will be able to sell it for. Scheduled maintenance helps ensure that any problems, whether current or future, are handled before they get worse or arise.

Car maintenance, tune up and repairs comprise of a vast variety of topics, which are different for the exterior and interior of cars. For the exterior, maintenance and tune up services include protecting the paint, cleaning and waxing the car surface. It also comprises of maintenance of the tires, which is done by checking whether they are well inflated and whether their pressure is correct. All these fall under the category of general car maintenance.




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